Anastasia and Aras are living their dream, staying focused and creating an ecosystem that they could farm.

operations manager

Anastasia is a BC native with strong doukhabour roots planted in the west kootenays.

It was here, on her grandparents farm, she learned how to tend to all parts of the farm from feeding the chickens and weeding the garden to picking the fruit and processing all the bounty harvested off the land. Her grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles all helped to pass on the knowledge and skills to work the land and live sustainably.


Work took anastasia and her family to all corners of BC, a trend that continued after she met Aras in university. They lived and worked all over southern BC which gave them the opportunity to experience various communities and lifestyles.

Strategic Planning

Aras is an Iranian transplant. He spent much of hist childhood and teens in Neva, a small but ancient village on the mountains near the Caspian sea. At an early age he learned how to keep chickens and ducks, compost food scraps, plant trees and graft them, and how to manage water on a steep slope. Excited about opportunities in technology, and frustrated with the political situation at home, he decided to move to Canada. At the age of of 21 he moved from Iran directly to Kamloops, BC. It was in Kamloops that he met Anastasia while attending university.

It took Aras almost ten years of being disconnected from the land to realize how valuable that childhood experience was to him. He has finally decided to combine his passion for farming with his interest in technology.


In the end, it was the traditional way of life that truly made them happy and inspired them to follow their hearts and get back to the land that brought them so much joy in the past. Together, Anastasia and Aras are dedicating themselves to creating a regenerative farm. Their goal is to offer a variety of unique produce that benefit from each other and thrive on the farm.